PHP Vending Machine With SQL Database

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Vending machines can usually be found when we are out and about; allowing people to purchase products by inputting credit. As part  of coursework 2 our task was to transform this concept of a vending machine into a digital command line based application. This task required us to choose between JavaScript and HTML; deciding which would be the most efficient to use to create and advanced application. I also found ways in which the vending machine can be further developed so that it was created to the best of my ability. During the design and implementation process there was a set criteria that must be met which included allowing the customer to:

  • view the list of products
  • view the amount of credit they have
  • add credit
  • purchase a product
  • allow the user to ask for a refund of their credit.

One of the main pieces of software that needs to be acknowledged is the operating system(OS) that was used. For this project the OS used is called Ubuntu which is the most popular Linux operating system. Another software that was used is called PHP Storm.